Nithin Kumblekar

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Hello.. It's been long time since I uploaded any of my works. The problem is I can not publish the work before my client does.
Meanwhile I managed to create this illustration for one of my colleague's up coming production house. It's called Daku Filems (Daku means dacoit in Hindi). And I took screen shots while I was creating it and it helped me in making a brief tutorial for Creative Gaga magazine. You can order the November issue online.
My works have been featured in Twanese Magazine DPI September 2012 issue.
Here is the preview of the pages.

Kyoorius Magazine


Hello there.. I've been featured in the Kyoorius Magazines's 12 th issue.

Gaga article


Hello.. Creative Gaga magazine has published an article named as "wise advice". Which has few question and answer about current design trend in India. Even I have contributed my inputs in the magazine.
An article about my work has been published recently in "creative gaga" magazine. Here are the pictures of it.

Featured Artist


I'm happy and surprised to look at the Russian website which has featured me at
Click on the below image to read the article (you can read if you convert english in Chrome browser)
Yess.. My work has featured second time in (illustration site from
Click on the image to see the webpage.
Here is the screen shot of I didn't take the screen shot when my work showcased in large size on home page. Please click on the image to visit the website.
Here is another site where my work is featured.
Click on the image to see the site.